ZEUS 2.0 — Thunder in Details

How will they Run upcoming IGOs

Here are the main stages:

  1. Every participant (both in “Heroes” and in “Muses” pools) who would like to participate in any IGO has to submit a pending order for buying an available allocation (the exact size depends on the IGO terms, tier level, and pool).
  2. They gather this data and send a request to VRF (Variable Random Function) to create the final list of tier participants according to the chances for every tier. For instance, tier 1 participants have a 100% likelihood to get into the final list, while tier 3 stakers have 90% chances, so they’ll send a request to VRF to randomly select 3 people, whose orders won’t be processed in full. But don’t worry, they prepared a little something for these participants, keep reading.
  3. Based on the size of the allocation available after “Heroes” orders are accepted, they calculate the final amount of Muses participants with a very simple formula: Allocation size/minimum ticket size = number of Muses pool members
  4. Once they have the final number of participants, they forward the list of all stakers in Muses pool to VRF and request them to randomly select participants, whose orders will be processed. This way, every staker has an opportunity to participate in the IGO.
  5. They’re crediting newly bought tokens to lucky participants and returning funds to pool members whose orders weren’t executed according to the final list they receive from VRF.

How do they keep it fair?

  • The number of Heroes Pool participants will remain 100, so it’s easy to follow and check the possibility of getting into the “Heroes” pool regardless of the IGO the run.
  • It would be unfair for top-stakers not to have a proper chance of participating in IGO. Do you remember tier participants excluded by VRF? Here is the deal: every tier participant, whose order wasn’t executed in full, will become a “Muses” pool participant and receive a guaranteed minimum allocation.
  • Every YAY supporter should have a chance to unlock IGO possibilities, and they want to make sure that it’ll be anybody’s game. VRF will pick the final participants randomly, so every yay gangster can become the lucky holder of a new token.

Why is this solution beneficial?

  1. By bringing VRF solution to the table, they’re making sure that their IGOs is fair and transparent;
  2. By guaranteeing a minimum allocation for tier participants, they’re making sure that it’s interesting to be in top-100 stakers and increasing the demand for YAY;
  3. By allowing every staker to participate in the IGO they’re making sure that every YAY supporter can benefit from their activities;
  4. By giving everyone the same timeframe for participation, they’re making sure that processes are well synchronized, and they don’t have any redundant or overly time-consuming steps;
  5. By registering pending orders before confirming them, they’re making sure that the IGO project will raise enough funds and will be satisfied with the results. Outcomes of such satisfaction are simply incalculable: with a chain of success stories, they’ll be able to attract larger projects and negotiate better deals for their community.

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