The Puzzles of Quantum Noesis

The Cyberpunk aesthetic of Quantum Noesis will catch gamer’s eyes, but it’s the puzzles at the heart of the game that will grab their brain — and not let go!

Why Puzzles?

EVI, the sentient AI at the core of Quantum Noesis, is learning faster than people can keep up. But humans still have an edge in intuition and creativity. That’s why EVI has gamified part of the Noesis Network, to tap into the skills of elite gamers to help thwart cyber-attacks. Underlying problems in the network or code blocks are translated into audio-visual puzzles that humans can master more quickly than machines. Each of the twelve chapters (levels) of Quantum Noesis features three puzzles, for a total of 36 puzzles of increasing complexity. New chapters will unlock each week, until all of the puzzles have been solved.

Since the puzzles represent security vulnerabilities, solving the puzzles strengthens EVI’s defenses. Players work together with Pilar, the sassy software sidekick that’s responsible for helping gamers.

Who Makes the Puzzles?

In the fiction, Pilar creates the puzzles, but in the real world, veteran puzzle master Cliff Johnson is the diabolical genius behind the puzzles. Cliff has a long history of creating puzzle games. His first game, The Fool’s Errand, was inducted in the MacWorld Game Hall of Fame in 1988. GAMES Magazine voted the game ‘Best Retro Game Ever’. His 1990 game 3 in Three was MacUsers Best Game of the Year. Wrote one reviewer of his 2012 game, The Fool and His Money, “…we, God forbid, may never see another game of its genius and quality in their lifetimes.” Cliff has done it again with the fiendishly clever puzzles at the heart of Quantum Noesis.

How Will the Puzzles Look?

In the fictional world of Quantum Noesis, puzzles appear as challenges the player must solve to advance the narrative. The puzzles have enigmatic and amusing names such as ciphers, jumbles, sliders, concats and — in a nod to planet of the apes — Alpha Omega. They involve letter substitutions, reordering jumbled letters, and some entirely novel, mind-bending designs. Solving the puzzles will require a lot of experimentation and creativity. Top players who figure them out will be rewards with SNS tokens.

Get sneak peaks of their game in their Discord, and Twitter as they near launch! And stay tuned for their next gaming article where we’ll look forward to introducing you to Cliff!

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