The Difference Between Launchpads and Equity Crowdfunding

Defining The Differences

The chart below shows some of the biggest key differences between launchpads and equity crowdfunding platforms.

The Future of Public Fundraising

Raising funds with the assistance of retail investors has been gaining momentum through the IDO hype quite aggressively lately. One interesting development has been that of the decentralized launchpads. The biggest traditional VCs in the world have headed into the crypto space with the might reminiscent of shark frenzies and threatens to destablize the very decentralization the space owes its appeal.

Democratizing the VC industry

DAOLaunch’s vision is to build on the concept of decentralized venture capital to democratize fundraising. It aims to create a level playing field for retail investors in the startup investment industry, which has been historically dominated by institutional investors and venture capitalists.

DAOLaunch: Under the Hood

DAOLaunch enables investors to brand themselves using Decentralized Venture Capital NFT (DVC-NFT). By branding yourself, you stand a chance to win exclusive benefits including favorable token allocation, seed price, and so on.

About DAOLaunch



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