Sheesha Finance Strategic Partner: Spark for Financial

What is Spark For Financial?

  • IPO Support Services — Choosing to undergo an initial public offering is a critical moment for projects. As a result, teams need to ensure that this is done properly. Underperforming during an IPO event can be fatal to a project. Spark provides the advisory services of an experienced CFO to the management team of an organisation to ensure success in an IPO event.
  • Trading & Investment services — Spark for Financial offers exclusive investment opportunities for investors, businesses and individuals who want exposure to high-quality investment products and services. This can include traditional financial products, as well as investments related to DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects.
  • Financial Reporting & Cash Flow Management — Spark for Financial can help ensure organisations and individuals stay on the right side of compliance. Through accurate financial reporting and management tools, this is made possible.
  • CFO Support Services — Ensuring projects have a skilled and experienced CFO on board is paramount to success in compliance. Spark for Financial can provide the services of an experienced CFO to teams in need of a heavy-hitting financial expert.

A Word From Their CEO

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