Rooting in Web3. Introducing Phaver

What is Phaver?

Phaver is an awesome social platform with one of the key highlight features that enable share-to-earn. It rewards both content creation on the app and curating interesting content across the internet.

Phaver also connects to @LensProtocol and you can post to Lens without signing each transaction after connecting your Lens profile 🌴

Pretty amazing right? There’s more. 😎

Another important highlight is about creating value. As a user, it is crucial to create value, and Phaver values it, so in turn, contributors who contribute valuable content will get rewarded!

Important to point out, that currently every day if you participate in their dApp, you will be given 5 tokens to stake on the 5 best posts on Phaver. Which in turn will be rewarded in relation to how popular the staked post evolves.

(Not an financial advice!) They did mention there will be a public launch, and every upvote and Phaver points you earned before the launch could be exchanged for their tokens, so better be early if you want to get their tokens for free!

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