Public beta launch of the Dreem Metaverse 3D engine 🔥

1 min readSep 24, 2022

💎 DREEM METAVERSE team happy to announce the public beta launch of the Dreem Metaverse 3D engine 🔥

Currently accessible for Windows and Mac and is now ready to access and download at

Take a virtual spin in some of the first dozen virtual worlds using a range of different avatars…

From AMA’s, community hangouts, to virtual showrooms there are plenty of use cases for you to build upon.

For communities looking to build/rent/buy their own virtual space — reach out to them….

They have a limited amount of prebuilt community spaces to be given out for free to select communities, so hurry up, reach out to DREEM.

Let’s give your community a metaverse touch, a metaverse vibe, where they can chill, interact and do whatever they’ve ever thought off 🔥

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