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4 min readMay 15, 2022


Give your followers what they want and share the products, brands and services you genuinely love. With Phaver, your favorite things are all in one place, easy to search, and they won’t disappear in an instant.

Real value, real simple.

As an influencer, your biggest asset is your followers. And what you say to them matters most when it matters to you.

Forget about pushing products just to make a buck and give your followers what they really want — access to things you’ve tried, tested and truly want to share. From clothes to apps to your favorite local restaurants — the sky’s the limit and the only “rule” is to share things that you wholeheartedly recommend. When you share on Phaver, your recommendations are neatly organized and all in one place. And because they don’t expire or get buried among selfies, fans can always go back to your posts to find what they’re looking for when it matters to them most.
Phaver also lets you add affiliate links or referral codes when available and earn money when your followers fall in love with your favorite stuff. When you genuinely recommend things on Phaver, they know it’s got to be good and are more likely to buy. It’s a win for your followers and for you.

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Why Phaver?

Add value, not ads:
To earn money from social, influencers often have to sell promotions to the highest bidders. Phaver lets you focus on recommending things you truly like and creating real value for your followers — all while still making a stable income.

Perfect recommendation, perfect timing:

If you’re an expert on running shoes, the perfect time for someone to discover you is when they’re in need of a pair. Tag your favorites descriptively and help people searching for your specialty to find the best option out there.

Always available, easily searchable:

Insta stories are great for promos, but they expire in 24 hours. That means they’ll never be seen by most of your followers and can’t be revisited. Phaver keeps everything organized and available at the exact moment a user is interested.

Reach more, annoy less:

If you want to reach the majority of your audience with a certain recommendation, it’s going to mean lots of re-posts and boring your most loyal fans in the process. With Phaver, you can feature new items every time while still showing the previous ones in the same profile for cross-selling and reminders.

Autoreply on steroids:

Instead of answering numerous DMs about items on your posts, teach your followers to check Phaver for a curated collection with more context and direct links.

Built for smooth monetization:

Phaver automatically tags your items as “Monetized links” if you use a custom tracking link, or they monetize an item for you. This allows smooth and organic linking on other social platforms since the mandatory #ad disclosure is done by Phaver before a user clicks on any links.

Your pic, our pic, your choice:

They automatically fetch images for most local services and an increasing number of products, but you can also add a custom picture for your own favorites at any time. Adding high-quality images will also get you organic visibility since they feature some of the best images as default images for the product in question.

Here’s How it Works?

  1. Create a Phaver profile — it’s super simple. Remember to link your other social profiles so that even new visitors know who you are.
  2. Add the first things you’d like to share. You can also add your own tracking links and referral codes, or let Phaver help you monetize. Split your favorites into categorized Collections and use your own high-quality pics to boost your profile.
  3. Share a link to your Phaver profile on Instagram and other social media channels to let people know they should check it out. There are no #ad tags required, as they automatically feature them on your monetized recommendations.
  4. People can follow you and click on your favorite products and services to see more or buy.
  5. When people buy things with your tracking links or codes, you’ll get paid directly. Additionally, Phaver will automatically add monetization to your other favorites when available and pay you frequently. We’ll also give you insights into your profile metrics and tips on how to improve.
  6. Add new favorites and encourage your followers to check out your profile. You can also link straight to new recommendations instead of your profile page.

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