NFT with 100% APR? Probably nothing.

  • Kanon Staking Pool Risk Free, 100% APR. Every Kanon NFT included in the Kanon Aquarius Collection will be entitled to claim up to 2000 SNS as long as it’s staked in the Kanon Staking Pool. The sooner you stake, the more you can claim.
  • Monthly Single-Sided SNS Staking Pool, Risk Free 30% — 80% APR. They will open a special Single-Sided SNS Staking Pool on their website every month for approximately 6 months or until their official Data Yield Farming (DYF) app is launched on the mainnet of Solana Blockchain. The Monthly Single-Sided SNS Staking Pool will start at 30% APR, and there will be a target TVL (Total Value Locked) for each month. If the Target TVL is reached, the next month’s APR will increase by 10%. There will be no impermanent loss or slippage for this pool. It’s risk free.
  • Kanon NFT holders can claim up to 1000 SNS at the daily rate of 5.48 SNS until the official DYF app is launched. They anticipate this to be no later than August 31, 2022. After that, the holders are required to contribute a modest number of validated ontologies for Mind AI through the DYF app before they can claim the assigned SNS — and earn additional SNS for their work. (This 1000 SNS is a part of the first bullet, a reward from the 100% APR)
  • 1 SOL is worth 100 USDC.
  • 1 SNS is worth 0.10 USDC.
  • Estimated Launch Date of the DYF app on Solana Mainnet: 08/31/2022
  1. Total SNS claimed before DYF app launch: 1000
  2. Total SNS claimed from Monthly Single Side SNS Staking: (1,000*41.67%*30%) = 125
  3. Total SNS claimed after DYF app launch: 1000
  4. Total SNS earned from DYF app: extra (not added but can be substantial)

The Thought Experiment

  • Synesis One hits all its milestones laid out in the Cosmic Exploration Plan.
  • Our games are attracting tens of thousands of new players.
  • Our ecosystem expands by 15X the current size — as their community kicks in its contribution and solidifies its core for exponential growth.
  • BTC, ETH, and SOL reach ATH.

The Kanon Staking Pool

The Monthly Single-Sided SNS Staking Pool

After the DYF App Launch


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you allocating 20M SNS for the Kanon Staking Pool? Crazy?



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