New NFT Marketplace Coming to

Spellfire is launching a new Original NFT Card marketplace in the very near future. Look forward to an improved user experience, a beautiful new design, and new ways to collect rare NFT cards.

The first Original NFT Cards from the prime edition are still currently available for a limited time on OpenSea.

Their artists have produced some magical imagery. Each card is a beautifully illustrated and finely detailed work of art ensuring that the Prime Edition is full of future classics.

Spellfire’s Original NFT Cards are well known for innovating upon the basic idea of what an NFT can be. By enabling owners of these cards to enjoy their collection in both physical and digital forms, two worlds collide into one immersive fantasy setting.

Owners of Original NFT cards can expect a return of up to 10x on their investment. Be among the first to join Spellfire’s magical world and enjoy the benefits of early adoption.

As each new edition releases, hundreds of cards will be added to the games catalog ensuring the Prime Edition becomes rarer, retains a higher value, and becomes highly collectible.

Behind the scenes, Spellfire is undergoing some exciting changes that will hugely benefit the game and their community.

Spellfire’s new ecosystem has been worked on closely by the games development team and artists who have combined their talents to create a space for their cards to be presented in new and interesting ways.

Look forward to more exciting news in the near future!

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Spellfire — Connecting the physical, the digital and the augmented realities together. Bringing 30 years of History to the Blockchain.

Original NFT Card owners earn up to 10x Return on Investment.



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