MORE FOR LESS: Increasing Staking Reward to 4,000 SNS for Kanon Staking Pool

3 min readMar 1, 2022


Initial Prototype of “brain” for the Aquarius Collection

As a big thank-you to those who participated in WL, Public and Strategic Partnership Sales, they will double their total staking reward…

They have officially completed their Kanon NFT Whitelist (WL), Public, and Strategic Partnership Sale. They’re absolutely thrilled to put this momentous event behind us and focus on execution. To commemorate this, three things will happen immediately:

  1. As a big thank-you to those who participated in WL, Public and Strategic Partnership Sales, the Synesis One team will double their total staking reward to 4,000 SNS per Kanon staked in the Kanon Staking Pool. That is right! Those amazing 2,358 Kanon NFT holders will receive 100% more reward for staking their Kanon starting on March 14, 2022.
  2. The Synesis One team will waive all trading commission (2.5%) for Kanon NFTs traded on Kanon Exchange ( when it goes live on March 11, 2022.
  3. The Synesis One team will airdrop all the OG Synesians, you know who you are, a special Kanon NFT as a token of appreciation for your amazing contributions.

For those of you who like numbers, here are a few stats they want to share with their community.

  • They officially minted a total of 10,000 in the Aquarius Collection.
  • They sold a total of 2,358 through WL, Public and Strategic Partnership Sales.
  • They will reserve a total of 7,642 for Dynamic Demand-Base Sale and more.

Quick Snapshot of the Allocation for the Aquarius Collection (subject to change):

ATTENTION: They also realized that some WL’ed users couldn’t complete their sales. If they send us their WL’ed wallet addresses with a brief description of what happened to by March 4, 2022, they will try to take care of them after internal verification before the Kanon Staking Pool is launched. Please use the subject line: Incomplete Aquarius Sale

So, what does it all mean?

You should hold on to your Kanon NFT if you own one and stake it the Kanon Staking Pool launching on March 14, 2022 because you could triple your initial investment in a year.

Until the Kanon Staking Pool and the Dynamic Demand-Based Sale (DDBS) begin, the total Kanon NFTs in circulation will be much smaller in number (than the total supply) while the intrinsic value of each NFT on the secondary market is now much greater with double rewards.

This should translate into a greater expected floor price for each Kanon NFT — for sure.

And they will make an announcement about how DDBS will be designed and executed so as to ensure that there will be enough Kanon NFTs to go around while keeping the floor price strong as their ecosystem expands.

The Public Sale of the Aquarius Collection is only the beginning. What will unfold from it is a new era of digital wealth creation they’ve never experienced before.

Are you ready?

This article and its contents are not financial advice.

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