Meet Sinhae Lee, Partnerships Advisor

Sinhae Lee, Partnerships Advisor

I was impressed by their big vision and its fresh concept of AI training — Sinhae Lee.

With two major milestones now complete, and the release of their games on the horizon, their upcoming partnerships remain an important key to their growth. This week they’re happy to introduce you to Sinhae Lee, their Partnerships Advisor who’s been connecting us with partners around the globe.

Meeting Synesis One

It all started with an inspirational mindset. Sinhae Lee joined Synesis One after being inspired by the overall mission of the project. As she explains:

“My first meeting with the Synesis One team was with Joshua and Paul at a small cafe in Gangnam, Seoul. I had heard of Mind.AI, a new structure of Artificial General Intelligence, that Joshua and Paul had been working on before the meeting, and I was very curious how they were planning to use the blockchain technology to empower AI. During the first 30 minutes of their conversation, I was impressed by their big vision and its fresh concept of AI training — users build up datasets and train for AI. Datasets are pegged to NFTs. When projects pay to use these AIs and the datasets, the owners of NFTs are rewarded. “

Silicon Valley Background

Sinhae comes from a background of tremendous knowledge and understanding about all things tech. She holds an MBA from Stanford University as well as a B.A. in business from Korea University. She has worked in a number of roles across finance, fintech, and crypto. She is a partner at GBIC, a crypto fund based in the US, China and Korea. Prior to this she led business development and operations at the payment start-up, Coin. She also worked at the FinTech start up NerdWallet. She began her career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, so she brings a huge wealth of both tech and consulting experience.

She is particularly excited by the fact that the work being done at Synesis One helps leverage varied technologies to create solutions to bigger problems:

“I am excited about the fact that two frontier technologies — AI and blockchain — meet and create synergies together to solve real-world problems — AI training takes time and labor and these AI trainers get paid low wages,” she tells us.

A Natural Progression

Sinhae began working in the crypto space back in 2017, which was a natural progression from the financial world she was involved in at the time. As she describes:

“Graduating from Stanford MBA in 2014, I joined a fintech (payment) startup called Coin, Inc in Silicon Valley and naturally got exposed to conversations about Bitcoin as a payment solution. At that time, I couldn’t even imagine that I would be doing investment in the blockchain/crypto space as my career. After Coin, Inc got acquired by FitBit, I worked for another FinTech start-up in SF called NerdWallet and soon realized that I wanted to move to an investment career.”

As her interest in crypto grew, it became apparent to her that consulting and investment were the way forward for her. She remarks:

“In 2017, I was about to join a traditional VC in San Francisco but one day I read an article explaining how blockchain technology changed a new way of fund-raising and how it incentives users and it drew my attention. After learning more about blockchain technology and the industry overall, I became very passionate about the possibilities that blockchain tech brings to the world, so I decided to do blockchain/crypto investing. I have been having a great fun journey since I joined the industry. “

NFTs Bring a Sense of Community

NFTs in particular have become an incredibly appealing asset to Sinhae- with the format that Synesis One creates them being of a hugely important appeal. And the fact that it has changed the narrative surrounding crypto. Sinhae says:

“Now, NFT and gaming changed that narrative as they started seeing some real use cases. NFTs are really important in a sense that people can prove their ownership and use the items’ interoperability in the digital world. It will fundamentally change how artists, creators, collectors, users, contributors to platforms such as metaverse interact. “

What’s more, Sinhae is also incredibly excited by the community aspects that Synesis One and other NFT platforms hold more broadly. And this is one part of the business that has become hugely appealing to her. She says to us:

“Community is the key! The community of the Blockchain space is a core instrument to decide how projects run. And I have no doubt that the Synesis community has to and will do the same. Especially, with the vision of full decentralization and DAO, each community member will contribute to teach its reasoning engine through a decentralized system that crowdsources the knowledge it needs by aligning incentives.”

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