ManuFactory has raised $3.2M

Since the beginning of this project, they’ve been eagerly presenting it to potential partners and investors. At the same time, they’ve been showing you sneak peeks of what will make ManuFactory a really enjoyable Play-and-Earn. This milestone shows the interest people have in the project and they want to share with you the details of how they achieved this $3.2M.

Investor and Partners

Over the course of 2 months, ManuFactory was able to attract the attention of important investors and partners like:

ApeSwap, Area 13, Netvrk, Moon Mafia, Black Dragon, Solid Group, Tokenova, and many more.

Thanks to them, they were able to raise $1M! Besides raising that impressive sum, they’re thrilled to have their suggestions, valuable experience, and support in order to continue with ManuFactory’s growth.


The held their IDO with the launchpads Trustpad, NFTPad, Oxbull, Nearpad, and GameStarter at the beginning of December, raising an additional $1.8M! They’re happy to say that they were successfully sold out of all their MNFT tokens.

They’re thankful for their early support and for helping us get their community started and involved during the IDO.

Whitelist — Crowdfunding

Thanks to their community, they were able to surpass the initial target of raising $50k to hire the team, start developing the game, make partnerships and advertise with influencers, etc. They’re thrilled to have raised $450k, thanks to you, engineers!
They can’t wait to show you everything that’s coming up, thank you for your massive support!

What’s next?

These last couple of weeks, the team has been working really hard to polish some aspects of the game like:

  • Artworks
  • Game structure
  • In-game economy

After they get that done, they’re going to push their marketing and advertising of ManuFactory to achieve the exposure they’re looking for!

But don’t fret engineers! Everything they’re doing will help ManuFactory become the sustainable and enjoyable Play-and-Earn you want.

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