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NFTs are emotions you own

Straight Fire is a Web3 start-up bridging the real world with the metaverse, through building the first NFT Social dApp and unique NFT collections. The NFT Social dApp enables creators, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to view and manage all their NFTs in one place, share and promote their NFT stories on social media, experience them in real life through AR, and sell NFTs on all major marketplaces. Straight Fire Chief Executive Officer Christiaan Eisberg speaks to Shilpi Panjabi about NFT collections and the future of metaverse.

Q: Metaverse is a very new term. What is its origin? What does it mean?

A: The metaverse is a continuously changing, decentralised, creator-driven ecosystem, without physical or spacetime limitations, where humanity and technology co-exist in a balanced, symbiotic relationship, enabling humanity to experience the real in the digital.

Q: Are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) part of metaverse or vice-versa? How are they connected?

A: For us, NFTs are emotions you own; it’s all about the link to humanity and the human emotions that NFTs evoke.

However, NFTs are also smart contracts, that define and assign ownership and authenticity to digital assets. Since the metaverse is a digital and possibly fully virtual environment, and all ‘things’ in it are digital, NFTs are the ‘vehicle’ to make it your own.

Q: How are NFTs created? Can anyone create an NFT, or you need some license for the same?

A: In principle, anyone can create an NFT. There are plenty of platforms that have automated the process of minting an NFT, with a built-in, standardised smart contract. If you want to understand the true potential of NFTs, you probably need to better understand what a smart contract stands for.

Q: Do all NFTs have unique names? On what basis are the names given?

A: They don’t have to be. The names are assigned before minting and cannot be changed after the NFT has been minted. You can come up with the name yourself.

Q: Where do people buy and sell their NFTs? Are there any marketplaces?

A: People can buy newly created NFTs on platforms and on project’s websites (that have a built-in minting functionality). Secondary sales, or resales, of NFTs takes place on generic NFT marketplaces, such as Opensea, Rarible and Nifty Gateway, or on specialised NFT marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot, Theta Drop, and soon Straight Fire.

Q: Are NFTs also available on blockchains?

A: The smart contract of an NFT sits on the blockchain, is freely accessible for people to review. The actual image, video, music or other file that you can see as an NFT sits somewhere on a server. In other words, the NFT that we can see or listen to is a digital file that resides on a server, while the smart contract attached to the file resides on the blockchain.

Q: Can a group of people jointly buy and hold an NFT? What happens if someone from the group wants to sell his/her individual share in that particular NFT?

A: Yes, this is called a fractionalised NFT. Now it gets maybe a bit too technical, but you can use an existing NFT and create some sort of “shell” around it that is split in for example 10 equal parts. Now that original NFT can be owned by 10 different people. It’s like a time-share, where you own part of the asset, and you can also sell the part you own separately from the other owners.

Q: Straight Fire has built the world’s first NFT Social dApp. What is dApp? How is it different from the apps used on Android or iOS?

A: A dApp is nothing more than an app that sits on the blockchain. The “d” refers to decentralised. For our users there is no difference, they can still get the app in an iOS or Android store. It just means that the app interacts with the blockchain, where it can access the NFTs that you hold in your digital wallet once you have attached those.

Q: You also have unique NFT collections? What do they consist of? What is the percentage of fashion and apparel items in these collections?

A: We have recently launched THEXII with 2 artists. THEXII is a metaverse brand created for and owned by our community. It is the original NFT collection powered by Straight Fire.

Our unique NFT collection of 12,012 hand-drawn 3D Zodiacs gives you membership and is your entry ticket into THEXII-verse. Each Zodiac is one-of-a-kind and unlocks varying levels of access and perks for its owner.

THEXII-verse consists of 12 different worlds, one for each animal of the Zodiac, the Guardians of THEXII-verse. THEXII-verse is being built gradually by our NFT Lab with our community. Our NFT holders will benefit from the partnerships that we are building with music artists, brands, entertainment formats. We are exploring gaming opportunities for THEXII, as well as introduce new NFT drops from our partners. Then we offer exclusive access to the Beta version of our NFT Social dApp, where THEXII holders can monetise their NFT in 2 ways: 1. We have a Share to Earn model, where our top sharers are rewarded for sharing their NFT Stories to social media; 2. We have a Create to Earn model, where our users can mint their NFT Stories into new NFTs and sell them on our marketplace. We also offer TEHXII holders digital perks, such as fan art, wallpapers, free filters and AR lenses. Finally, we are organising IRL meetups, and we are exploring Streetwear collaborations.

The official collection will be on Opensea.
Minting will be done on:
Network: ETH
Date: TBA
Whitelist: Open

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