Importance of Trust in Media Today

What is news?

You’ve probably read a piece of news, whether you like it or not. It is everywhere, from your phone, TV, radio, newspaper, and even word of mouth. News is everywhere. But what exactly is the news, and what’s the purpose of it? News is information about the current events happening in the world. Often, the news will take in some bias, be it political or ideological. Before the public sees the news, it has gone through various actors that have manipulated the news to make you comply with an agenda to buy goods or services, vote for a particular party or politician, or simply distort your perspective. With the development of social media, news has been much more accessible and abundant than ever before. In the past, news was distributed via newspapers, postal, broadcasting, blogs, or radio; however, news is everywhere with the advent of social media. Nowadays, corporations have the power to sway the public’s opinions and thoughts in whatever way they wish. This authority given to corporations does not often hold their interest in mind and affects us more than ever before.

So what makes us believe in the news?

As mentioned earlier, before the public sees the news, it is often manipulated with and changed to the desires of the news outlet. So why do they believe in news if it has been changed so many times before they see it? This taps into human psychology and their unconscious desires. From an article by the World Government Summit, the author mentioned that their “unconscious motives drive the belief formation process”; hence the news they see is only appealing to us because it responds to their beliefs and desires (World Government Summit). Their preconceived perception towards the world has been forming ever since they were born. The external and internal influences around us all make us believe things in a certain way. The forming of this perception is strongly tied to the news and information they receive daily. News sources are the main antagonists for this as they are run by corrupt publishers who only have personalized interests in mind. News publishers not only affect us but also those around us. The media has substantial influence over what the general public thinks and can easily sway their beliefs in one way or the other with a simple article. Hence, it is best to think twice before believing what you see, as many of these so-called news outlets may not have your interest in mind.

What is trust?

Trust is fundamental to humans. It is a central part of theirrelationships, including their romantic relationships, family life, business, politics, and more. But how big of a role does it play? Trust is crucial to their everyday life. It is what allows us to have faith and belief in other people and corporations. There are many definitions of what trust is, but it often comes down to the idea of having confidence in something that causes you to think or behave in a certain way.

Trust in Media Today

When it comes to news and the information their receive daily, they often only trust sources that they have seen before or believe have a good reputation. However, trust in news has been on a constant downfall after the coronavirus hit the global economy. A recent study on trust found that only six countries have more than 50% trust levels. Most countries are well below 50%, and people believe that the news they receive is not trustworthy. The general sentiment towards the media today is that it is not reliable. Media plays a significant factor in their society today, and having the fundamental right to trust it has been more critical than ever. From instances in the past where big social media corporations can change/influence what they see online, it is crucial that the power of what they see and hear lies with the people.

So why should I trust this article that I am reading now?

You don’t have to believe in us or what you are reading here. They are not trying to make you think one way or the other. Theyjust believe that it is their fundamental right as humans to access information and news, and they have created the solution that guarantees fair content distribution and freedom of speech. Anomus is a platform that represents the people’s voice and allows the global community to direct the course of news today. Anomus gives power to the public to fact-check information and, in the process, be rewarded for it. By putting a stake in, everyone can publish their news. However, before the content is published, all content will go through strict auditing and fact-checking to ensure that the information is truthful. Once fact-checked, all articles are also posted onto the Perma web, meaning it will not be possible to remove or edit them. You don’t have to trust the news or what anyone else may tell you. But do trust that Anomus will represent the voice of the people and YOU.

If you would like to learn more about Anomus, feel free to check out their Twitter and Telegram!


This article does not serve as financial advice and is only for informational purposes only.


With the growing abundance of information, information has become difficult to discern from factual and fair versus propaganda properly. Anomus is the antidote to manipulated news and propaganda. The platform is a 100% decentralized news protocol providing the world access to fairly distributed news. Anyone can access the information and post independently of one’s geography, religion, or political views. Anomus believes that news is a fundamental right of every individual, and it will all begin with Anomus.



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