How Dreem can help your community achieve the ideal vibe

2 min readSep 12, 2022

It is evident to anyone who is new to Web 3 and those who have been around for a while, community is everything. Community is why people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for monkey JPEGs. Community is why Web 3 projects support hundred million market caps without any product to show.

Communities feed off each other, providing connection layers in a new network state that they’re all finding ourselves in. and Dreem lets users plug-in to the most sought after abstract value in Web 3 — the community vibe.

It is not easy to build a community. To cultivate a community takes blood, sweat and tears. 24/7 engagement and a constant stream of ideas, partnerships and updates to keep the community engaged. It is exhausting yet outrageously rewarding work.

When forming these communities there are a few tools that they use today to do so, popular ones are Discord, Telegram, hosting Twitter spaces, maybe email news letters.

If They’ re being honest with ourselves here these tools are kind of boring. How much of a step away is it from a mundane facebook group as far as tooling goes? Not much. And facebook groups are and will be boring.

This is where Dreem comes in. .

Dreem can help each and every community separate itself from the pack — hundreds of DAOs and NFT collections are created each day — and provide new users in the community an enhanced experience with 3D virtual environments that they can design.

Imagine an AMA in a virtual world where people are running around, much better than a telegram group chat.

Imagine announcing a new NFT collection in a virtual world that people have to go find the NFTs like easter eggs. Those who get there first get higher on the whitelist.

All this can happen in a completely customizable way. No one virtual world should look the same, because after all each community demands a different look and feel from one another.

This experience, altogether, provides a stickier experience for communities and helps curate a better vibe as they enter the metaverse era.

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