How communities could take their bond to the next level with current and upcoming Dreem builds

2 min readAug 29, 2022

1- Explore 3D virtual spaces on Mac or Windows and meet up with your community to have a chat or audio dialogue.

This is much more powerful than text/read on 2D chat interfaces which are said to be dropping in engagement.

2- Get together with your community and customize your very own virtual space with a low code metaverse builder.

They know everyone out there in web3 isn’t a dev, which is why DREAM focused on giving you the tools to create your own virtual world

3- Gate certain areas of the community by requiring users to own an NFT or token to enter.

This means that not everyone can enter a bar, or an exhibit, or an arena.

This helps your community offer exclusive services and create deeper bonds amongst users.

4- Hold events such as AMAs and launch parties in the metaverse for your community.

2D chat groups are old school. If you want an engaged audience for an AMA or a launch, have them enter a virtual world

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