Getting Started with Sheesha Finance

6 min readMar 12, 2022


Welcome to Sheesha Finance, they’re happy to have you here!

This article covers how to get started staking with Sheesha Finance. They will cover a brief description of:

  • Their tokens
  • How to decide which token to choose
  • The best wallets to use
  • The amazing benefits enjoyed from Sheesha staking

They’re so much more than your average staking platform, so buckle up.

What is Sheesha Finance?

Sheesha Finance is a leading DeFi staking platform providing premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Sheesha Finance rewards investors of any size with DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects.

How is that different from other staking platforms?

It’s no secret that in traditional finance and the crypto space, firms and institutions have significant advantages over retail investors. The “Fat Cats,” get early access to projects, insider info, and can front run trends. Thus making huge profits long before the average retail investor has the chance to get involved.

In crypto, some of these companies are known as Venture Capitalist firms. They often gain exclusive access to private token sale rounds at steep discounts during the early stages of a project’s lifecycle. Long before the tokens are available to the public.

As you likely know, getting in at ICOs/IDOs is where the big turns and 100x gains are.

Seems unfair right?

They agree, and that is why they have done something unique here at Sheesha where they go to bat for their community. Truth be told, they’re also a Venture Capitalist firm that does so much more. They also get that incredible exclusive VIP access to early projects long before retail investors.

But, instead of greedily filling their pockets, they bring their community along for the ride.

That’s right, they give everyone the chance to enjoy that exclusive VIP access to early token projects. The tokens that they pick up during early private sales get passed along to their community of Sheesha token stakers on the Sheesha dashboard.

They don’t believe in the Wall Street style favouritism that is exclusive to the big money players. They believe in equal crypto opportunities for everyone.

Join them and reap the benefits of early token access to some of the hottest projects in:

  • DeFi
  • The metaverse
  • Blockchain Gaming
  • And more

Their Tokens

They make the staking process as easy as possible. The most difficult part of it all is deciding which Sheesha tokens you want to stake. Or you can stake all three!

They’re chain agnostic. They understand that incredible projects and teams are building on all networks. They aim to support projects and provide their community with tokens regardless of network. That is why their community can pick up Sheesha tokens on:

  • The Ethereum network-Sheesha tokens can be found on UniSwap.
  • The Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-Sheesha tokens can be found on PancakeSwap.
  • The Polygon (MATIC) network-Sheesha tokens can be found on QuickSwap.

Sheesha tokens are needed to stake on the Sheesha Finance dashboard. Once staked, members earn both Sheesha token rewards and token rewards from their massive network of partner projects.

This is a great way to earn a nice yield like a two-for-one benefit!

Here is a glance at the Sheesha staking dashboard:

Sheesha Finance staking dashboard

Choosing to purchase Sheesha tokens on the Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon network comes down to personal preference. They continually onboard new partners and provide tokens to their community.

If you believe the best projects will be launching on Ethereum, you may want to stake Ethereum Sheesha.

If you think the Binance Smart Chain has the hottest projects around, you can choose BSC Sheesha tokens.

Last but not least, nobody can ignore the massive tidal wave of projects expanding on the Polygon network. If you feel that Polygon is going to continue its meteoric expansion, you can choose to buy Sheesha tokens on the MATIC network.

Or, as mentioned, you can stake all three!

Keep an eye out as their list of partners is growing on each network all the time. They also plan on offering Sheesha tokens on other networks soon.

Liquidity staking is also possible with Sheesha Finance, be sure to check out their article on LP staking.

Wallet Support

The Sheesha Staking dashboard supports MetaMask, the most common wallet for the DeFi industry. It is quick, easy, secure, and convenient.

Users can also connect a wallet through WalletConnect which connects to:

  • Rainbow Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Coinomi
  • Atomic
  • wallet
  • MathWallet
  • And more…

A full list of wallets supported through WalletConnect can be found here.

Let’s walk you through how to get started staking Sheesha with MetaMask as that is the most common. The process will be similar using WalletConnect.

How to Get Started

Installing MetaMask

If you have not already done so, the first thing you will need to do is install the MetaMask browser extension.

Adding the Right Network to MetaMask

The Ethereum network comes already configured on the MetaMask wallet. For Sheesha stakers wanting to stake on the Binance Smart Chain network, they will need to add the BSC network to MetaMask. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Follow these steps.

For Sheesha stakers wanting to stake on the Polygon (MATIC) network, they will need to add the MATIC network to MetaMask. Follow these steps.

Funding the MetaMask Wallet

Once the network of choice has been added to MetaMask, users need to send some funds to their wallet and swap for Sheesha tokens on the decentralized exchange (DEX). It is simple to fund the wallet with the native token for the network of choice.

Just be sure to choose the right Polygon token on the MATIC network and the BNB token that runs on the BSC network. Also, be aware that there will be network fees involved when:

  • Sending crypto transactions
  • Staking crypto tokens

So purchase some extra to cover gas fees.

Once the network of choice has been added and the MetaMask wallet is funded, it’s time to rock n’ roll. Let’s get those Sheesha tokens purchased!

Purchasing Sheesha Tokens

Now that you’ve got funds in the wallet, here is how you can swap them for Sheesha tokens.

  • Ethereum (ERC20) Sheesha

If you stake Ethereum Sheesha, you can head to the UniSwap DEX then swap for Sheesha tokens using this link.

Contract address: 0x232FB065D9d24c34708eeDbF03724f2e95ABE768

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) (BEP20) Sheesha

If you stake BSC Sheesha, you can head to PancakeSwap and swap for Sheesha tokens using this link.

Contract address: 0x232FB065D9d24c34708eeDbF03724f2e95ABE768

  • Polygon (MATIC) Sheesha

If you stake MATIC Sheesha, you can head to QuickSwap and swap for Sheesha tokens using this link. Search mSHEEHSA.

Contract address: 0x88c949b4eb85a90071f2c0bef861bddee1a7479d

If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed the contract address is the same for ETH and BSC, no worries, that is not a typo. ETH and BSC use the same address format, as long as you are on the right BSC or ETH network you’ve got nothing to worry about.

By now you should have Sheesha tokens locked and loaded in your MetaMask wallet — or wallet of choice if you’ve been using WalletConnect.

Time to start staking and earning some of that sweet passive income.

Staking on Sheesha

  1. Head over to their Dashboard.
  2. Hit that big blue “Connect Wallet” button top right.
  3. Choose how many Sheesha tokens you want to stake.
  4. Confirm your stake.

Claim Rewards

Token rewards can be claimed daily but don’t need to be, they will accumulate safely and can be claimed at any time.

Every time rewards are claimed, there will be network fees charged.

Double-check to make sure that the amount of rewards you are claiming is worth the network fee. If the network fee is higher than the rewards you are claiming, then claiming daily may not be the best choice.

And that’s it! Now you get to kick back, relax, reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits of Sheesha staking. Welcome to the Sheesha Family!

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