Dreem Creator Manual. Quick Start

3 min readSep 12, 2022

1. Download Unity 2020 LTS version

They recommend version 2020.3.18f from the Download Archive. Or get get latest 2020 LTS version with Unity Hub.

2. Setup URP Unity project.

See official Unity documentation. Easiest way to start testing is choosing 3D Sample Scene (URP). They strongly advice to create a brand new project and importing assets (for example from exported .unitypackage) instead of converting the whole project.

Creating a new URP project in unity

3. Download Dreem Creator Plugin

Download and import latest Dreem.Creator plugin.

Place the file in your unity Plugins folder.

Proper placement of the Dreem Creator plugin

4. Create your world

Example world created with the Dreem Creator plugin

Be creative & Have Fun!

Your unity scene is your world, you can build almost anything, with only some restrictions.

Make sure your spawn point is at 0,0,0

Not Allowed


  • Using any built in unity component.
  • Only unity Components provided by Metaverse are allowed.

5. Export your world

  1. Create Dreem World by right clicking in project window Dreem->World.

Creating a Dreem World object

  • Name your file.
  • Drag and drop your unity scene into scene.
  • Click Build button.

Naming your level and buidling it

  • Your build files will be located under newly created sub folder with name yourfilename.dreemworld and yourfilename.dreemworld.data

6. Upload your file to Dreem

Your world can be both new realm and extension of existing one. To upload a new realm:

  1. Visit Dreem Create subpage
  2. Sign in with your Metamask wallet
  3. Choose option Create Realm
  4. Input world information, upload both yourfilename.dreemworld and yourfilename.dreemworld.data files and click Save Draft

Uploading a new realm

To create a realm extension go to Realms webpage, select the realm you want to extend, go to extension tab and click create extension

Browsing realm extensions

Creating a realm extension

Please read the explanation of fields included in creating realm/extension form

7. Play and share

You are all done! Download and play Dreem to test your creations!

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