Dreem Creator Manual. MediaRenderer001 WorldGateway001 ProximityLabel001

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The MediaRenderer001 is used to render Dreem media, such as NFT (and in the future characters and items).

Example of using MediaRenderer001 in the world


Click on an empty place in the hierarchy, select Dreem and Media Renderer 001

Creating a new media renderer

After adding to the scene, the nft placeholder will be visualized so you can see the exact placement and fit it perfectly into your scene or add some thematic frame.

Media placeholders visualized


Media renderer would present random NFT from famous collections to beautify your realms and extensions. The option to set specific nft (image/audio/video) will be added soon. Content will be visible after uploading and playing in the Dreem app.



The World Gateway is used to allow players to visit other realms and extensions without interacting with the UI.


Click on an empty place in the hierarchy, select Dreem and World Gateway 001.

Adding a world gateway

Then you can change gateway parameters by editing names in the hierarchy. The gateway will be visualized by black circle. Remember to place it exactly on the ground so players can reach the gateway.


This realm has id 30

In this case, this extension has id 84


You can only open gateways to your worlds. Any id can be set in editor but improperly configured gateways won’t be shown in the game (always make sure you have the correct access rights to the worlds you want to link).


If you want to link two worlds to each other (A->B and B->A) upload them first, check their IDs. Then you can create gateways in both and use edit realm/extension functionality to keep the same IDs.



The Proximity Label is used to render labels similar to chat bubbles when the player is within distance range.

Creative example of using proximity labels


Click on an empty place in the hierarchy, select Dreem and Proximity Label 001.

Adding a proximity label

Then you can change label parameters by editing names in the hierarchy, the radius will be visualized by a white sphere.

Defining an example label using hierarchy

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