Battle of the Brightest — Vol. 2

Battle of the Brightest Vol. 2 shall test the knowledge of participants on trivia surrounding the Ankots of Misteria universe and ecosystem. Members will be able to participate in daily quiz threads that are revealed at random times throughout the day and are open for a limited time only. Participants get a chance to win up to 100 ANKT each day for correctly answering the quiz questions.

This community event will be held on Ankots of Misteria’s official Discord server starting on the 7th of May and will go on for 10 days until the 17th of May. All members of their Discord server will be able to participate in the event.

How to Participate:

  • Once Battle of the Brightest is live, the event will have its own channel on the Ankots of Misteria Discord server.
  • Each day, throughout the course of the event, a unique quiz thread shall be revealed containing 10 quiz questions.
  • This thread shall only be open for a limited time of 6 hours, after which the thread shall be archived.
  • Members interested in participating in the event will therefore have only a limited time of 6 hours each day to partake in the event and answer the quiz. Once archived, participants will no longer be able to give or change answers.
  • Members are free to participate in all days of the event and will be awarded for each day of the event separately.

Rules and Regulations:

Participants must follow all the rules mentioned on this list. Failure to adhere to the rules of the event will result in disqualification from reward considerations for that particular question and/or the day’s thread.

  • Participants must answer each question using only the displayed emoji reactions (number emojis)
  • Participants are only allowed to give one answer (in the form of an emoji reaction) for each question.
  • Participants must not share answers to the questions on any channel for the duration that the quiz thread is active.

Event Rewards:

The glory of being the brightest may not be the only reward you enjoy for the strength of your wits.

  • Each quiz question shall have three winners.
  • The first person to correctly answer a question will automatically be the winner for that question.
  • In addition, two people will be randomly selected as winners from the list of people that correctly answer a question.
  • Each winner will receive 10 ANKT per quiz question. Therefore each quiz question shall reward a total of 30 ANKT.
  • Given that each quiz thread has 10 questions, participants would therefore have a chance to win up to 100 ANKT each day of the event.

Battle of the Brightest will go live on the 7th of May. Brush up on your knowledge, tamers, and get up to speed on all things Ankots of Misteria with the following links:

May your wits be sharp and your reactions swift. Good luck!

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