A Decentralized News Protocol Uses Blockchain to Expose Corruption

2 min readDec 3, 2021


  • Anomus — a decentralized news protocol, is using blockchain to expose the rot in its system.
  • It aims to end the age of centralized media with biased and false agendas.

Anomus, a decentralized news protocol, is using blockchain to expose the terminal rot that has infested mainstream media channels.

Anomus justifies its project based on the current situation that they live in, where centralized media has full power over what they read and the information they receive every day.

Moreover, the company aims to end the age of centralized media with biased driven, false agendas by providing the world with a community-verifiable reporting and journalistic platform based on blockchain technology.

As a one-of-a-kind, Anomus believes in shifting the balance of power from those centralized companies that control the media and give it to the people. Furthermore, the team said that Anomus is ambitious, noble, and inevitable because the need for their system will always exist so long as they are being subjected to corruptible and tainted news reporting and journalistic rules that violate every human’s rights.

Adding to this, the company claims to create a medium where publishers can save their work in blockchains. By doing this, the publishers’ work will be forever recorded and available worldwide while preserving the publisher’s intellectual property rights and ownership.

Also, as per Anomus, the system will reward publishers, auditors, and readers with ANOM tokens, Anomus native tokens. With this, they can create, audit, and interact with the published content via a series of designed mechanics to keep Anomus active and engaging for users. Also, publishers can get rewarded for their work by the community and by the system.

For instance, the Anomus project will use the permaweb to ensure that all published articles stay available at all times. The permaweb is also known for being a collection of data, web pages, and decentralized apps (DApps) housed on the Blockweave and available through standard web browsers.

Consequently, the company uses the permaweb to support the network and attract publishers, knowing that their work will not be manipulated or removed by any individual, organization, or government.

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